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Settlement Procedure
  • There are two types of settlement such as cash and securities
    Flow of Trading at LSX Stock Markets
  • Settlement life cycle
    The settlement cycle in the trading of shares is 2 business days after the trading day. This means that the investors who buy the shares today shall receive the shares in the next 2 business days, while the investors who sell the shares today shall receive money and can withdraw such money in the next 2 business days.
    Flow of Trading at LSX Stock Markets
  • Procedure of withdrawing money from aggregate accounts
    Money from selling securities and dividend payment shall be deposited in the aggregate accounts (bank account opened by securities companies for investors). Money in these accounts is free of interest. In order to withdraw money, such money shall be transferred to investors’ personal bank accounts.
    Investors, who wish to withdraw their money that receive from selling shares or dividend payment, can withdraw such money by following steps:
    • Step 1:
      • Check your cash balance (proceeds from sale or dividend) with the securities company that you have opened securities trading accounts with or you can check online by yourself through the Home Trading System (if you already have applied).
    • Step 2:
      • There are optional methods to withdraw money:
        (1) Instruct a securities company via phone call, e-mail and fax to transfer money from the agregate account to your personal bank account;
        (2) You can proceed transferring money by yourself visiting the head office or branch of correstpondent bank;
        (3) Use online application of correstpondent bank to transfer money by yourself any time no matters even off working hours (for instance i-Baking or LDB wallet and tec.)
        (4) When money alredy in your personal bank account, you can normally withdraw from ATM or other means.
    • Remark:
    • For more information contact your securities company.